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EITI glossary

This glossary is compiled by the EITI International Secretariat and is only provided as a resource.



A term sometimes used for Independent Administrator. An organisation, typically an auditing firm, appointed by the multi-stakeholder group to produce the EITI Report. The Independent Administrator is charged with comparing different sets of data, and investigating and explaining any discrepancies identified. The Independent Administrator does not usually carry out an actual audit of such transactions.


Comparison of two sets of figures to reveal any differences between them.


The government official or organisation lawfully specified as having the responsibility to administer rules and regulations. A regulator might have authority to develop and issue rules.

Remedial action

In EITI context, this usually refers to corrective measure(s), which must be undertaken in order to comply with the EITI Requirements.

Resource curse

The phenomenon by which revenue from natural resources leads to poor standards of human development, bad governance, increased corruption and sometimes conflict.