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EITI glossary

This glossary is compiled by the EITI International Secretariat and is only provided as a resource.


In EITI context, the features and functions included in an EITI Report or Workplan.


On-going assessment of a situation, usually through monitoring, consultations, and discussions. In the context of the EITI, scoping tends to refer to the preparation of an EITI Report.

Secretariat Review

When the EITI International Secretariat assesses a country's progress in implementing the EITI against the EITI Requirements. This takes place when a Validation has deemed that the country has not met all of the EITI Requirements and the Board asks that the Secretariat checks that the corrective measures taken meet the requirements.

Service contract

An agreement whereby an oil company is contracted to produce oil/gas on a simple fee basis. Usually the state maintains sole rights over the resources, and the contractor is compensated by a fee per barrel, plus cost of recovery.

Signature bonus

Payment demanded by authorities in certain host countries in advance of exploration activities for the rights to develop an exploration area