How countries can implement the EITI Standard

To become an EITI Candidate, an implementing country must meet four sign up steps. EITI implementation involves a range of activities to strengthen resource revenue transparency. These activities are documented in country workplans. When the EITI Board admits an EITI Candidate, it establishes deadlines for publishing the first EITI Report and undertaking Validation. An implementing country’s first EITI Report must be published within 18 months from the date that the country was admitted as an EITI Candidate. EITI Candidate countries are required to commence Validation within two and a half years of becoming an EITI Candidate. More information and guidance on EITI implementation is available in the EITI Standard, and in supporting documentation such as implementing the EITI.

To achieve Compliant status a country must, through EITI Validation, demonstrate compliance with the EITI Requirements. Validation is an essential element of the EITI as an international standard. It provides an independent assessment of EITI implementation, and makes recommendations for strengthening the process. An independent validator carries out the assessment. The EITI Board, through the EITI Secretariat, oversees the Validation process and reviews all Validation Reports. If the Board considers that the country meets all of the EITI Requirements, the country will be designated as EITI Compliant. In adopting the EITI Standard, the EITI Board recently agreed that Compliant countries must undergo Validation every 3 years, or upon the request from the EITI International Board. Where a Validation Report shows that a country has made progress but does not meet all the EITI Requirements, the country will remain a Candidate (albeit with time limits on the maximum candidacy period). Where Validation shows that no meaningful progress has been achieved, or where the maximum candidacy period has been exceeded, the Board may revoke the country’s candidate status. 

The list of countries that are EITI Compliant and Candidates is available here.