2011 EITI Rules available for download

On 16 February 2011, the international EITI Board agreed the 2011 edition of the EITI Rules. The EITI Rules brings together the all requirements for implementing the EITI.

The 2011 EITI Rules were reissued on 1 Novemeber 2011 with a new Foreword by EITI Chair Clare Short, as well as a number of typographical updates. Please note that this version does not change the content of the rules from previous versions of the 2011 EITI Rules.

The EITI Board agrees transition procedures for the 2011 edition of the EITI Rules

The EITI Board agreed a new edition of the EITI Rules on 16 February 2011. This followed an extensive consultation process overseen by the EITI Board.

Most of the changes from the previous rules are of a clarifying nature, addressing challenges and ambiguities that have been noted by stakeholders, reconcilers and validators. There are also some significant changes with important ramifications for several countries.

EITI Secretariat launches series of training seminars on new Rules

In May, the EITI Secretariat, in collaboration with international partners launched a series of training seminars for francophone African countries on the new EITI Rules. The first seminar was held from 2 to 5 May in Berlin, and included 25 participants representing government, civil society and companies from 9 countries in advance stages of implementation. The second seminar took place in Lomé,