Head of global transparency standard in Port Moresby to encourage PNG transparency efforts

PORT MORESBY, 12 MARCH – Jonas Moberg, the Head of the EITI International Secretariat is visiting Port Moresby as the Government of Papua New Guinea considers whether to implement the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI).

The EITI is the global standard for improved transparency of government revenue from natural resources, currently implemented by 37 countries. Mr Moberg is meeting with government officials from several ministries, including Treasury and Finance. He will also meet representatives from the oil gas and mining industries, and local civil society organisations, which have both expressed strong support for the EITI.

Jonas Moberg highlighted the benefits of the EITI:

“Papua New Guinea is a resource-rich country, with some of the region’s largest oil, gas and mining projects. Transparency about how much the government receives from these resources will be a key step to ensure that all citizens of Papua New Guinea benefit." 

The EITI provides global standard for transparency, but the process will be locally owned and can be shaped to meet local needs. The implementation of the EITI sends a strong signal to industry, investors and the community at large that the government is committed to transparency and accountability. The EITI can also help to manage community expectations, and verify that communities and land owners are receiving their share of revenues."

Moberg also invited the government, industry and civil society to participate in the upcoming EITI Global Conference, to be held 23-24 May in Sydney, Australia.

When a country implements the EITI standard, tax payments and government revenues from the oil, gas and mining companies are disclosed, verified and published. Greater transparency helps to inform public debate and manage expectations about the utilisation of government revenues. The process is overseen by a group of stakeholders from government, industry and civil society, with support from the EITI International Secretariat and other supporters.

In the region, Indonesia, Timor Leste, and the Solomon Islands currently implement the EITI, and Australia is undertaking an EITI pilot. The United States recently committed to implement the EITI.

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