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Beneficial ownership roadmap analysis


Board Paper 36-4-A contains the analysis of the beneficial ownership roadmaps that were submitted to the Secretariat by January 2017.

Section 4 highlights issues for consideration and recommendations from the Implementation Committee to the Board, including changing wording of the EITI Standard. 

EITI implementing countries had a deadline of 1 January 2017 to publish roadmaps detailing plans for achieving beneficial ownership transparency by 2020. As of 22 February, 44 countries have published beneficial ownership roadmaps. 21 of these roadmaps envisage establishment of public registers by 2020. Most of the roadmaps address all aspects of requirement 2.5.b.ii, which sets out the directions for roadmap content. Five countries have submitted draft roadmaps or have completed some preliminary beneficial ownership work. Two countries have yet to make substantial progress with this work due to political instability and conflict.