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Revisions to the Board Manual related to Board and Committee procedures are agreed.

Decision reference
2016-14 / BC-215
Decision basis
EITI Articles of Association 2016-2019, Article 12

Revisions to the Board Manual related to Board and Committee procedures are agreed as proposed in Board circular 215 as of 11 July 2016. 

Proposed procedures: 

Given that some conference calls have not worked well, the Governance and Oversight Committee recommends that the Board endorses the following revisions to the Board Manual. These are general measures that everyone can keep in mind to facilitate discussions and minimise disruptions in teleconferences.

“Most Board committees meetings take place on the telephone, often in less than ideal conditions. In recognition of the challenges this can pose, the EITI Board has endorsed the following good practices for Board committee calls: 

Before the call

  • Participants should confirm attendance at least 24 hours in advance.
  • Any documents should be circulated in the required languages at least one week ahead of the call.
  • Committee members are encouraged to share questions and comments in writing in advance of the meeting.
  • Committee members are expected to prepare for a call and where possible consult with their constituencies.
  • Observers should inform the Chair if they wish to participate.  The Chair will consider and also check with members at the beginning of a meeting.

During the call

  • The Secretariat will provide interpretation for Committee members who confirm their attendance at least 24 hours in advance and in accordance with the EITI’s language policy. 
  • Participants should always mute their phone whenever not addressing the call.
  • Participants should strive to limit the amount of background noises as much as possible. This includes avoiding rustling papers, not moving around and closing windows as needed. 
  • When interpretation is provided, participants should include regular breaks in their interventions to allow interpreters time to speak.
  • Calls are regularly recorded by the Secretariat to facilitate minute-taking. Participants should inform the Secretariat if they do not approve. 
  • Observers may intervene in the call when invited to do so by the Chair.
  • All participants are strongly encouraged to keep their interventions short and avoid repetition.

After the call

  • The Secretariat will usually circulate the draft minutes of the meeting within a week of the call in the relevant languages.
  • Committee members should review and when necessary comment on the meeting minutes. Committee members are encouraged to share minutes with other constituency representatives on the Board.
  • It is important that all committee members, including those unable to participate in the call, read the minutes of the call as most committees make decisions to recommend actions to the Board through no-objection.”