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The Board agreed to delist Yemen from the EITI.

Decision on delisting Yemen

Decision reference
2017-47 / BM-38
Decision basis
2016 EITI Standard, Requirement 8.7 - Delisting

In light of continued political instability and conflict, the EITI Board agreed to delist Yemen from the EITI effective as of 25 October 2017. In taking this decision, the Board noted that after more than two years of suspension, the environment for EITI implementation remains unchanged and prevents adherence to significant aspects of the EITI Principles and Requirements.

Yemen may reapply for admission as an EITI Candidate country when the situation improves sufficiently for a meaningful process to be undertaken. In considering such a request, the Board will apply the agreed procedures with respect to assessing EITICandidature applications. It will also assess Yemen’s previous experience in EITI implementation, includingprevious barriers to effective implementation.

In accordance with EITI Requirement 8.8, Yemen may petition the EITI Board to review its decision. In responding to such petitions, the EITI Board will consider the facts of the case, the need to preserve the integrity of the EITI and the principle of consistent treatment between countries.