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Conference, workshops, webinars and other events

2023 EITI Global Conference

The EITI’s flagship Global Conference will gather more than 1,000 stakeholders to take stock of progress in publishing and using open data to inform decision-making, analysis and public debate on accountable natural resource management.

We invite stakeholders from across the globe to join us in forging a collective and inclusive vision for transparency for the next decades.

Transparency Matters

The Transparency Matters seminar series features high-level speakers from government, industry and civil society who share their insights and expertise on cross-cutting themes related to extractives governance.

Global Conferences

The EITI Global Conference gathers the EITI community to take stock of key issues related to extractives governance and EITI implementation. Held every three years, the Global Conference is a vital forum that reflects on opportunities and challenges for extractives transparency and sets the agenda in our space.