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The EITI Board has temporarily suspended São Tomé and Príncipe

Decision on suspension of São Tomé and Principle.

Decision reference
2022-40 / BC-328
Decision basis
EITI Articles of Association 2019-2021, Article 12.1.i)

In accordance with Article 8.a of Section 4 of the EITI Standard, the Board temporarily suspends São Tomé and Príncipe. The decision follows a request from the Government of São Tomé and Principle to establish a 12-month moratorium on EITI implementation.

The request recognises that significant aspects of EITI implementation are not being adhered to, such as having a functional multi-stakeholder group (MSG) and noting shortcomings in disclosures. The multi-stakeholder group failed to submit documentation for Validation that was scheduled to commence on 1 July 2022, as required by the Validation procedure. As such, the Validation was not able to proceed.  

The temporary suspension allows the country to reassess whether EITI implementation is viable given prospects for the country’s extractive sector. The suspension will give stakeholders an opportunity to reassess priorities for EITI implementation and to reconstitute its MSG, if it decides to proceed with implementation. The Board recognises the commitment of the Government of São Tomé and Príncipe to continue EITI implementation. During its temporary suspension, São Tomé and Príncipe will remain a member of the EITI.  

The Board will assess the status of EITI implementation in São Tomé and Príncipe on 5 October 2023. Lifting the suspension will require that São Tomé and Príncipe demonstrates the viability of the EITI process in the broader context of its extractive sector, and provides documentation of the revitalisation of implementation using the Board-approved templates for data collection. If the Board determines that São Tomé and Príncipe has demonstrated considerable progress in implementation, the Board will consider whether to lift the suspension and whether Validation should commence immediately. Failure to demonstrate considerable progress in implementation will lead to São Tomé and Príncipe being delisted. If the government and the MSG can make rapid progress in addressing these corrective actions, the Board would welcome a request from the MSG to undertake this assessment sooner.