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The EITI Board accepts Indonesia's request for partial data mainstreaming implementation

The EITI Board accepts the Indonesian EITI MSG's request for partial data mainstreaming implementation

Decision reference
2022-41 / BC-328
Decision basis
EITI Articles of Association 2019-2021, Article 12.1.i)

The EITI International Board accepts the Indonesian EITI multi-stakeholder group’s request for partial data mainstreaming implementation. The 2019 EITI Standard encourages implementing countries to implement systematic disclosure (Section 8). As indicated in the mainstreaming roadmap, the multi-stakeholder group (MSG) will work with relevant ministries to strengthen systematic disclosure of the legal and fiscal regime (Requirements 2.1), license register (Requirement 2.3) exploration data (Requirement 3.1), production data (Requirement 3.2), export data (Requirement 3.3), transportation (Requirement 4.4), distribution of revenues (Requirement 5.1), subnational transfers (Requirement 5.2), state-owned enterprise (SOEs) quasi fiscal expenditures (Requirement 6.2) and contribution to economy (Requirement 6.3). These data have been partially mainstreamed but will need further improvement. The MSG is expected to adhere to its mainstreaming roadmap in working towards- eventual full mainstreaming of these requirements.  

Annual EITI Reports will continue to be produced to strengthen systematic disclosures of state participation (Requirement 2.6), transactions related to SOEs (Requirement 4.5), contract and license allocation (Requirement 2.2), social and environmental expenditures (Requirement 6.1), environmental impact (Requirement 6.4), subnational payments (Requirement 4.6) and to disclose data on taxes and revenues (Requirement 4.1), contracts (Requirement 2.4), beneficial ownership (Requirement 2.5) and sale of the state’s share of production (Requirement 4.2). The MSG is expected to adhere to its mainstreaming roadmap in working towards eventual full mainstreaming of these requirements.  

Pending the implementation of the mainstreaming roadmap, Indonesia is still required to disclose contracts in accordance with Requirement 2.4. With respect to beneficial ownership disclosure, Indonesia is required to publicly disclose beneficial owners in accordance with Requirement 2.5, and work towards strengthening the existing register and ensure public access to data.   

In taking this decision, the EITI Board notes that Indonesia EITI will continue to improve adherence to technical EITI Requirements such as comprehensiveness (Requirement 4.1), project level data disaggregation (Requirement 4.7) and data quality and assurance (Requirement 4.9). 

The EITI Board commends and welcomes the commitment from the government and the multi-stakeholder group to continue to oversee and review the implementation of this partial data mainstreaming to ensure that it is in line with the EITI Standard.