Implementing Countries: 

Newcrest Mining Limited

About Newcrest Mining Limited

Newcrest Mining Limited is an Australian-based corporation which engages in the exploration, development, mining and sale of gold and gold-copper concentrate.

Engagement with the EITI

The Newcrest Country Manager has been invited to be part of the first MSG in Papua New Guinea. 

At this stage, Newcrest Mining's support is through being active delegates to the respective country’s multi-stakeholder groups. In Papua New Guinea, Newcrest Mining has supported and assisted the development of the country’s submission to become an EITI Candidate country. 

Newcrest Mining's immediate priority is to effectively launch EITI commitment across the company. They will continue to engage with the EITI Secretariat and review possibilities/options for international engagement with the EITI in due course. 

Financial Contribution to the international management of the EITI

Newcrest Mining Limited contributed $30,000 in 2014.


Geoff Day, Executive General Manager Sustainability and External Affairs

Stakeholder Statement: 

Newcrest Mining Limited's statement of support

At Newcrest, we recognise that economic participation around our mines and exploration sites by host communities creates opportunities to contribute to their broader social development objectives. We also seek opportunities for sustainable economic development beyond the direct relationship with the mine, plant or exploration site. 

Our ongoing pursuit of greater public transparency, governance and accountability in relation to revenues generated and paid by extractive industries to host countries and landowner body corporates is intended to support communities in their legitimate desire to monitor how such revenues are being distributed and spent.

As part of our corporate philosophy towards transparency and governance, we are committed to promoting and supporting implementation of the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) in the countries in which we operate by publicly disclosing payments made to governments in line with the respective national EITI processes.