Ukraine has announced that it will implement the EITI

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine adopted a resolution stating that Ukraine will implement the EITI and. Resolution #1098 ("On joining to the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative") was adopted on 30 September 2009 together with a statement that confirms that the government is ready to cooperate with Civil Society and extractive companies to implement the EITI. The resolution is now available through the Ukrainian legislative database from here or here. A machine translated version can be read through Google Translate.

The EITI Chairman Peter Eigen welcomed the Ukrainian decision by making the following statement:

 “We look forward to working with the Ukrainian government as they prepare to become an EITI Candidate country. Greater transparency relating to both domestic production and trade in gas and other commodities is a prerequisite for improved accountability. Secure energy supplies depend on good governance and transparency. Through its commitment to the EITI, the Ukraine is demonstrating its willingness to play by the highest standards."