Citizens in 24 countries are now able to see the revenues from resources

UPDATE: As of November 2010, 24 countries have published EITI reports, bringing the total number of EITI reports to 53.

From Peru to Mauritania to Kirgizstan to Timor-Leste, EITI implementing countries deploy an unprecedented level of effort to become compliant countries, and therefore transparent and accountable to their citizens. A recent study done by the EITI Secretariat shows than more than 68 billion US$ have been reported in 19 countries. 

In the last seven years, a growing number of countries are disclosing government revenues and mining and hydrocarbons companies’s payments in a unique EITI report that seeks to reconcile those figures. 47 EITI reports are now available covering a total of 57 years of data. 9 mining-only countries, 7 oil and gas and 7 covering both sectors have produce reports.


The amount of annual data disclosed exceeds the number of reports published, as countries are disclosing data for many years back, before the implementation of the EITI formally started in 2007.


EITI countries continue working to ensure that information disclosed in these reports is timely and reliable.  To achieve the potential benefits of the extractives sector, this unprecedented level of activities over the last two years, needs to be sustained for in the medium and long term.

For more information on recent EITI reporting see the article 'Barrage of new EITI reports' published in the EITI newsletter July 2010.