What is next for resource revenue transparency?

Recent success is creating new challenges.

<p>What are the next steps for improving transparency and accountability? The Norwegian Minister of International Development Holmås and the EITI invited many of the people working in this field to Oslo to discuss this question.</p>

<p>Global efforts to instill transparency into management of countries' natural resources have seen much success in recent years. More information has been disclosed than ever before, and even more is likely to follow with US and EU disclosure requirements, as well as even more countries implementing the EITI.</p>

<p><a href="/files/HH-keynote-transparency-governance.docx">Heikki Holmås, Norwegian Minister of International Development, held the keynote speech</a> and was followed by presentations by Clare Short, Chair of the EITI International Board, Mr Ledum Mitee, Chair of Nigeria EITI and <a href="/files/Oslo-Roundtable-EITI-Norway-DKaufmann.pdf">Daniel Kaufmann President of the Revenue Watch Institute</a>.</p><p>Representatives from the following organisations also had interventions: Nigeria EITI, Liberia EITI, Norway’s Oil for Development, Australia’s Mining for Development, the US State Department, OECD, ONE, the World Bank, the Natural Resource Charter, Revenue Watch Institute, Publish What You Pay, Transparency and Accountability Initiative, other NGOs and countries promoting resource governance and extractive companies.</p>

<p><a href="/files/HH-keynote-transparency-governance.docx" class="readmore-arrow">Download the speech of Minister Holmås</a></p>

<p><a href="/files/Oslo-Roundtable-EITI-Norway-DKaufmann.pdf" class="readmore-arrow">Download the presentation held by Daniel Kaufmann</a></p>

<p>This meeting was held on the eve of the meeting of the international EITI Board. Some of the issues that were discussed can be seen below.</p>

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