EITI Consultation
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Concluded consultations
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August, 2014

Consultation on the terms of reference for Validators

This consultation is concluded.

You may find the result of the consultation here:

1. Consultation

The EITI International Secretariat invites EITI stakeholders to submit feedback on the draft Terms of Reference for validators (Annex A) and the revised civil society protocol (Annex B). We welcome comments by 21 November 2014 to Dyveke Rogan ( All submissions will be published on unless otherwise indicated.

2. Background

The EITI has transitioned from a list of quite rigid provisions (EITI Rules) to a standard that provides a framework for setting implementation objectives that are linked to the EITI Principles and reflect national priorities for improved transparency in extractive industries. Revenue transparency provisions have been reinforced, and have been complemented by a range of new provisions along the value chain, some of which are required and others encouraged, bringing more relevance to the whole process. The Standard also includes a provision for adapted implementation, which recognizes that implementing countries have different challenges, starting points and systems, and that it needs to account for a greater range of different countries. Given all these reforms, the Validation system required some refinement.

At its meeting in Mexico City 1-2 July 2014, the Board agreed that it wished to refine the status quo rather than institute a fundamental change in how validation is done. It was agreed that this requires new Terms of Reference for Validators "with a stronger emphasis on assessing progress against the priorities identified in the multi-stakeholder group’s work plan, impact and integrating EITI into existing government systems and with clear guidelines to validators for how to assess the provisions”. The Board tasked the Implementation Committee with developing new Terms of Reference in consultation with other Board Committees. Furthermore, while there was no desire to amend the Standard or the current minimum provisions, the Implementation Committee at its meeting in the Hague in August agreed to explore whether improved clarity could be achieved by significantly revising the protocol on civil society participation. It was agreed that the protocol, which ‘contains recommendations on civil society engagement in the EITI’, could benefit from revisions to provide clarity to stakeholders about the Board’s understanding of the provisions for civil society participation.

At its meeting in Naypyitaw, 14-15 October, the EITI Board approved in principle the attached draft Terms of Reference for Validators (Annex A) and the revised civil society protocol (Annex B). The EITI Board agreed that subject to consultations with implementing country MSGs and validators, the Terms of Reference for Validators and the Protocol on the participation of civil society will come into effect on 1 January 2015.

3. Responses to the Consultation

See attachments below.