Photo competition: Transparency that matters

The photo competition is now closed. The winners were announced 24 April 2014.

We also held a photo competition in 2015, see more information here.

The EITI International Secretariat invites you to the photo competition “Transparency that matters” in March 2014. We want to see your photos showing how EITI and transparent management of natural resources looks like in your country. The competition is open to anyone, including stakeholders in national EITIs.

Besides the fame and glory from being featured on the EITI website, in our upcoming flagship report, as well as our Facebook page the winners of each of the four categories will receive US $1000 each.

A diploma and a smaller prize will be awarded to up to 10 other honorary mentions.

The four categories are:

  1. EITI in action. Photos from an EITI event, roadshow, of an interaction between stakeholders, or close-up of an EITI profile.
  2. Public debate. Photos of natural resources management being discussed by citizens - in a public meeting or similar.
  3. Extracting resources. Photos of oil, gas or mining operations - industrial or small-scale.
  4. Transparency that matters. Photos that illustrate EITI’s aim of improving transparency of natural resources.

All entries must be submitted between 1 March and 31 March.

Submitting your photo(s)

Upload your photo(s) to or to your preferred file storage service. You can submit no more than 3 photos per category.

Send an email to Anders Kråkenes between 1 and 31 March 2014 with the subject line “Photo Competition” and include the following:

  1. A link to the photo(s). Remember: please upload your photo(s) to a file storage service, such as, and send the link.
  2. A brief written caption, that describes each photo and (if possible) identifies the people. Maximum two sentences per photo.
  3. You may indicate which categories you think your photos fit best for.
  4. The name, contact details, and short bio of the photographer.
  5. A statement declaring that “I hold the copyright for or have the right to use this photo, and agree to the photo being used as described in the guidelines for the competition.”

Winning tips

  • Photos of people stand better chances of winning: Close-ups, interactions, seeing the faces.
  • A good story behind a photo may make up for it being otherwise not perfect: a photo taken with your smartphone may be better than one taken with an expensive camera if it captures a key moment or tells an interesting story.
  • Send us the file in its original resolution, but please don’t send us the photo in the email itself (see above)!
  • While on the subject of what not to do: no photoshoping, beyond technical retouching.
  • We encourage all participants to publish their photo also at and invite your friends and colleagues to ‘like’ it. The ones with the most ‘likes’ will have good chances of winning.


The EITI International Secretariat will judge all photos submitted, and announce the winners 12 April 2014.


By submitting an photo to the competition, the entrant accepts the full terms and conditions of the competition. The entrant declares to that it holds the copyright for or has the right to use this photo, and agrees to the photo being used as described. It grants the EITI International Secretariat permission to non-commercial use of the photos, including derivatives, on its social media channels, EITI website and print publications. The photographer will be credited. The entrant releases the photos under a Creative Comons BY-NC-SA 4.0 licence, unless otherwise clearly stated.

This competition is held by the EITI International Secretariat and is in no way sponsored, endorsed by, or associated with, Facebook, or any other entity.