EITI company briefing

The EITI invites all companies supporting the EITI, or considering to do so, to a lunch briefing led by The Rt Hon Clare Short, EITI Chair, on Wednesday 11 March at 12:30 at the BIS Conference Centre (1 Victoria Street, London).

We will begin with brief presentations by Ms Jo Swinson, Business Minister and EITI Champion, UK; The Rt Hon Clare Short, EITI Chair; Mr Stuart Brooks, Manager, International Relations, Chevron; and Ms Laurel Green, Chief Adviser Policy, External Affairs, Rio Tinto.

Roundtable discussion: Emerging Trends and Priorities in Extractives Industries Governance

The Extractives Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) hosted a roundtable discussion on Emerging Trends and Priorities in Extractives Industries Governance at its offices on 14 January 2019, 14:30 - 16:30. 

The gathered Norway-based representatives from the oil, gas and mining industry, civil society, the investor community, academia, government agencies and the diplomatic corps to discuss emerging trends in extractive industries governance,

EITI’s 7th Global Conference

The Global Conference is the flagship event in natural resource governance. Governing oil, gas and minerals is no easy task for any country. Improving transparency and accountability to strengthen systems and inform public debate is an essential first step for all countries. This Global Conference brings together key stakeholders in this debate across around 100 countries to discuss what has been learnt so far from the EITI, how to better use the data to inform public debate,

Extractive economies in West Africa: recent trends and socio-political issues

During the last two decades, the African continent has experienced an impressive “mining boom” that has either revitalized long-term and established mining economies (such as Ghana, South Africa, Zambia) or allowed for new economies to emerge (such as new gold producers in West Africa). In the meantime, oil production has increased steadily from the 1980s. The growth of extractive industries, coupled to a general trend of economic liberalization and the emergence of new investors,

6th National EITI Conference

National Staholders Council (NSC) is holding 6th National EITI Conference that will launch VIII and IX EITI reports. The welcoming speech will be given by the Chairman of the NSC, the Minister of Investment and Development, Asset Isekeshev.

Registration is required. Please contact the National Secretariat for further details: eiti_secretariat@geology.kz