10th Principle Anniversary

Marking 10 years of the UN Global Compact 10th principle against corruption
Session A: Anti-Corruption Collective Action in Practice
Co-organized by the Basel Institute on Governance & the UN Global Compact
Opening remarks: Georg Kell (UNGC) and Gretta Fenner (Basel Institute on Governance)
Moderators: Olajobi Makinwa (UNGC) and Gretta Fenner (Basel Institute on Governance)
- Mr Pedro Montoya, General Counsel, Airbus
- Mr Peter Perfecto, Makati Business Club (Philippines)
- Mr John Sullivan, CIPE
- Mr Tayfun Zaman, TEID (Turkey)
- Mr Umberto de Pretto Secretary General, International Road Transport Union
Many companies have embraced the implications of new anti-corruption laws and regulations that have swept across the world in the last decade or so; they acknowledge that clean business is good business, and live up to this by rejecting bribery, even going so far as to disengage from a market or business sector if the corruption risks cannot be adequately mitigated. Taking such a step is not something undertaken lightly by any company, and in highly competitive business environments it can sometimes be extremely difficult to opt out of a market entirely.
For further information on the session, please contact Gretta Fenner, Basel Institute on Governance (Email: gretta.fenner@baselgovernance.org)