EITI's 3rd National Coordinators' Meeting


The last year has seen unprecedented activity in EITI implementing countries as 23 of the 31 candidate countries have had validation deadlines. Twenty-three implementing countries have now produced EITI reports – more than half of them have produced these reports for the first time this year.Therefore, the 3rd National Coordinators' meeting in November will be a timely opportunity to discuss:

  1. Lessons from the validation and the EITI reporting processes
  2. EITI impacts and communications
  3. EITI policy and rules refinement
  4. Organisation of the Implementing Countries constituency including choosing representatives for the 2011-2013 EITI International Board

Alongside the meeting, the European Commission and the EITI International Secretariat is organising an EU seminar on Tuesday, 9 November. It will be attended by the NCs, plus representatives from the relevant EU geographical desk. 

For further information, please contact Dyveke Rogan.