From Conflict to Consensus: The Role of Extractive Industry Transparency in Latin America


The event will feature two separate panel discussions described below.

Peru: Achievements and Remaining Challenges

for Extractive Industry Transparency

Ambassador Luis Valdivieso Montano, Embassy of Peru

Jose de Echave, Cooperacción - Peru

Anwar Ravat, EITI Program Manager, World Bank

Ian Gary, Oxfam America (Moderator)

Advances in Extractive Industry Transparency in Bolivia, Ecuador, and Mexico

Célica Hernández, Fundación Jubileo - Bolivia

Andrea Ordóñez, Grupo Faro - Ecuador

Rocio Moreno, Fundar - Mexico
Carlos Monge, Revenue Watch Institute (Moderator)

As illustrated by the recent social and political crisis in Peru, conflict over land rights and access to natural resources represents a very real threat to political stability in Latin America.  Oxfam America and Revenue Watch Institute view extractive industry transparency and civil society participation in decision making around natural resource use as key means of reducing the likelihood of social conflict.  This half-day event will facilitate the exchange of information to support increased transparency and improved governance in Latin America.  In particular, the event aims to create a forum for creative thinking on outstanding transparency challenges in the region and opportunities for international engagement around these issues. 





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