Looking ahead – A snapshot of innovations in resource taxation, cost transparency and revenue forecasting

A recording of the webinar is available here.

Date: 19 February 2021

Time: 14:00 - 15:30

Languages: English/French

At this event, EITI’s partners and practitioners will present a snapshot of recent innovations and emerging opportunities for using the EITI to better understand and strengthen revenue collection in the extractive sector. 

The objective of the webinar is to share experiences and promote dialogue across EITI countries and to increase EITI practitioners’ awareness about the work of partner organisations in the extractive sector. The aim is to inspire new ideas on how the EITI can contribute to revenue collection, and to take stock of current mining tax systems, and consider alternative futures that constructively challenge the status quo. 

The webinar will include interventions from the following speakers: 

  • Alexandra Readhead, Lead, Tax and Extractive Industries at IGF will present the Future of Resource Taxation project, a dedicated dialogue for governments, civil society, and industry to exchange ideas on how the current system of mining taxation can be improved, as well as alternative options available to resource-rich countries to maximise the returns from their mineral wealth. She will share initial findings from research using EITI data and opportunities for mineral-producing countries to contribute ideas.  

  • Vincent Kedi, Assistant Commissioner (License Administration), Uganda will speak about Uganda’s recent decision to introduce production sharing contracts in its mining sector. 

  • Daniel Mulé, Senior Policy Advisor, Tax and Extractive Industries, Oxfam will present best practices and ideas for increasing transparency around cost audits. 

  • Michel Okoko, Permanent Secretary of the National Committee & EITI Advisor to the Minister of Finance, Republic of Congo, will present objectives and plans for increasing transparency around monitoring the costs of oil and gas companies.  

  • Johnny West, CEO, Open Oil will present a study conducted by Open Oil on the valuation of Agyapa Royalties Ltd. Using publicly available data, the study focusses on whether the controversial decision to create a royalties company to manage most of Ghana’s royalties from the industrial gold sector, and float nearly half of it to private investors, was a “fair” deal for the country.  

  • Steve Manteaw, Ghana EITI MSG Chair and former Chairman of the Public Interest and Accountability Committee (PIAC) will share civil society’s views on using publicly available data to better understand options for the management of Ghana’s gold royalties. 


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