Peer-learning session on innovative approaches to EITI reporting for Anglophone Africa

Innovative approaches to reporting

Title :  Peer-exchange session: Innovative approaches to reporting 

Date :  Wednesday 14 April 2021

Time : 10:00 to 11:30 UTC  

Who: National coordinators and staff of national secretariats 

Where :  Zoom 

Several countries in the region have embraced flexible reporting, while others are exploring new ways of reporting. This meeting will give you the space to share your experiences and best practices. It would be the opportunity to pick brains on how to overcome particular challenges.  

Mr Jeffrey Yates, National Coordinator of Liberia EITI, chaired the session. 

Access the recording of the session here. 

The agenda was as below:  

1. Welcome and introduction on existing options for EITI reporting and innovation, by Jeff Yates, Liberia EITI 
     a. Conventional reporting 
     b. Flexible reporting 
     c. Alternative approaches 

2. How to articulate the future of EITI reporting by Dr Orji, Nigeria EITI 

3. Lessons learned from countries with innovative approaches to reporting
      a. Zambia
      b. Sierra Leone
      c. Malawi
      d. Liberia

4. Open floor and sharing of experiences from the region