World Bank Extractive Industries Week

Extractive Industries Week
Improving EI Benefits for the Poor
March 3-6, 2009

The World Bank Oil, Gas, and Mining Policy Division (COCPO) is sponsoring EI week to provide an overarching view of the key dynamics shaping extractive industries today amid the global financial crises and extreme volatility of commodities prices.  As part of the Bank's aim to broaden its assistance across the EI value chain - from granting of licenses and contracts to the spending of revenues, and to discuss the key dynamics shaping the EI sector today, COCPO will provide an important platform for discussing these critical issues.

EI week will bring together leading high level industry executives, policy experts, government officials, and Bank staff for wide-ranging public/private discussions to address the key questions facing the sector today.  It aims to drive the debate forward on best practices of transparency and good governance within EI as presented in the EITI ++ integrated approach to natural resource management to ensure maximum development impact for our client countries.

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