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Training: Drilling down - Ghana extractives data dive

  • 23 – 27 February 2015

NRGI, in collaboration with Penplusbytes will pilot a series of trainings for journalists, under their CODEX project ("Catalyzing Open Data for Extractives") to unleash the potential of open data in the extractive sector in Ghana - focusing on EITI data, company information and fiscal modeling. The program's aim is to train and stimulate journalists to work on extractive data such as company payments to governments, the socio-economic projections and company and license registrations.

The data dive pilot will:

  • over five days train 15-20 journalists with interest in extractives and technology
  • provide participants with a concrete story pitch with grants and mentoring support in order to get stories published in news outlets
  • gain experience about the data dive training format

Objectives and outcomes of the training are:

  • Increased capacity and improved data skills for participants. Indicator: The evaluation will help assess the effect of the training on the participants.
  • Published data stories by the participating journalists via support from individual grants. Indicator: Number of data stories published
  • The publication in news outlets / the media will enable NRGI to assess if a 5-days data dive can support journalists in developing concrete data stories. 


  • Kwami Ahiabenu, PenPlusBytes
  • PenPlusBytes staff
  • Samuel Bekoe, NRGI
  • Anders Pedersen, NRGI
  • Other NRGI staff
  • Sam Leon, School of Data
  • Friedrich Lindenberg and Kadija Sharife, African Network of Centers for Investigative Reporting & AfricanSpending (TBC)

For further information on the training please contact Samuel Osei Bekoe.