This event is hosted by Publish What You Pay, the Norwegian Church Aid and PETRAD. The goal of the program is to make organizations, media and unions better equipped to ensure that the maximized revenues from the extractive industries benefit all the people in their countries. For more information, please contact Mona Thowsen (

18 EITI Implementing countries will meet together for the first EITI West Africa Conference 10-12 September in Abudja. The NEITI website has more infomation.

Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative in West Africa: Challenges & Strategies

Representatives of governments, companies, civil society groups, donors and development agencies will gather in Abuja between 11 and 12 September 2008 to examine the status of EITI implementation in West Africa,

The meeting aims to increase the ability of CSOs engaging in the EITI process, in their respective African countries, to effectively advocate for transparency and accountability in the management of resources flowing from the extractive sector.

For more information about this meeting, contact Rachael Taylor, Information Officer in Publish What You Pay,