EITI Secretariat (Regional Director Francisco Paris and Head of Secretariat Jonas Moberg) meeting with representatives of government, companies and civil society. 

EITI Head of Secretariat Jonas Moberg meets with Prime Minister Rowley and Minister of Energy Franklin Khan, as well as the TTEITI multi-stakeholder group, companies and the EITI Secretariat.

First picture, from left to right:

Randy Maurice, Head of Renewables, Ministry of Energy and Energy Affairs,Selwyn Lashley, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Energy and Energy Affairs,Mr. Franklin Khan, Minister of Energy and Energy Affairs,Jonas Moberg, EITI International SecretariatMr. Victor Hart,

Regional Director Francisco Paris visiting Mexico to support the multi-stakeholder group on working on the candidature application. Further meetings with civil society groups and PEMEX, Mexico's state-owned oil company.

Regional Director Francisco Paris is visiting Suriname (which became an EITI implementing country in May). He is meeting with the multi-stakeholder group to discuss mainstreaming, beneficial ownership, the reporting cycle and timelines, as well as governance of the multi-stakeholder group. Meeting with Minister Dodson.

Dave Abeleven – Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Natural Resources and the EITI's National CoordinatorRudy Jadoopat – National Coordinator of Guyana (the country is not

The International Secretariat is visiting the country to carry out the first stage (Initial data collection and stakeholder consultation) of Validation. To find out more about Côte d'Ivoire (includes information on the country manager), visit the country page

Sam Bartlett from the Secretariat welcomes stakeholder input in preparation to the country visits. 

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Jointly organised by the OECD Development Centre and the G7 CONNEX Initiative

Building collective knowledge for actionable policies

The EITI is participating in this event, notably in session 5A.

The Policy Dialogue on Natural Resource-based Development is a multi-year intergovernmental process of knowledge sharing and peer learning among OECD and Partner natural resource producing countries on how to harness natural resources for structural transformation and more inclusive and broad

Deputy Head of the EITI, Eddie Rich, is leading a session of this workshop by U4 Anti-Corruption Resource Centre 

Full title: Responding to corruption: The case of hidden private state-backed loans and the costs of corruption to the Mozambican economy

The recent case of private, hidden, state-backed loans in Mozambique illustrates the seriousness of the governance and corruption challenges facing the country. It has created a multi-faceted crisis including macro-economic,