Policy Director Dyveke Rogan is participant and speaker at the beneficial ownership seminar organised by the OECD’s Global Forum on Transparency and Exchange of Information for Tax Purposes. Some 50 representatives from tax authorities of various African member countries are attending. She will speak on what work the EITI countries are undertaking to make beneficial owners of companies a

The OGP summit hosts around 3000 representatives from 70 countries: Heads of State and governments, ministers, public servants, members of parliament, local authorities, civil society representatives, start-ups and digital innovators, civic techs, developers, researchers, journalists will gather in Paris to share their experiences and push forward the open government agenda in light of the global challenges.

This training is for National Coordinators in EITI implementing countries.

Part 1: What should the final roadmaps look like?

Open discussion: For example, what planned activities can help address issues related to, for instance but not limited to, the relevant legal/institutional frameworks, beneficial ownership and PEP definitions, data collection and data reliability? Sharing of country experiences and examples from draft roadmaps.

Part 2: Q&A and next steps

This training is for National Coordinators in EITI implementing countries.

Part 1: How to develop an open data policy

What does the EITI Standard require, possible policy options and steps of creating an open data policy.Duration: 30 minutes

Part 2: Examples from implementing countries

Different approaches to open data and examples of open data policiesDuration: 15 minutes

Part 3: Q&A and next steps 

Discussion from different perspectives on the importance of communicating transparency processes related to extractive industry. New trends in open data and the use of modern technology platforms will be presented.

The Forum will be opened by Mr Luis Chang Navarro, Minister of Energy and Mines; and it will close with a press conference at the Intercontinental hotel in Guatemala City.