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Photo of Jorge Arturo Reina Garcia

Jorge Arturo Reina Garcia

Director of Transparency and Corruption Prevention, Secretariat for Transparency and Fight against Corruption

With an extensive career in various sectors, from private enterprise to government. His professional career began in the position of Executive Vice President of Engineering Management until he became the Director of the National Registry of Persons in 2009. He currently holds the position of Director of Transparency and Prevention of Corruption of the Secretariat for Transparency and Fight against Corruption, current member of the Technical Committee of Follow-up AGAH on behalf of the Technical Secretariat of the Open Government Partnership Honduras. 

He trained as a Civil Engineer at the National Autonomous University of Honduras, and later completed his Master's degree in Business Administration and a Master's degree in Politics and Corporate Communication at the prestigious King Juan Carlos University in Spain. He also has several courses in Political Communication and studies on Business Communication.