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36th Board meeting papers: Bogota

Janvier 2017

8-9 March 2017 in Bogota, Colombia

Download papers in [English] [French] [Russian]


  • Board Paper 36-1-A Draft agenda
  • Board Paper 36-1-B Board meeting participant list
  • Board Paper 36-2-A Implementation Progress Report
  • Board Paper 36-2-B Outreach Progress Report
  • Board paper 36-4-A Beneficial ownership roadmap analysis
  • Board paper 36-4-B Project level reporting
  • Board paper 36-4-C Reporting deadline extension request: Afghanistan
  • Board paper 36-4-D Reporting and Validation deadline extension request: Myanmar
  • Board Paper 36-5-A Azerbaijan - Assessment of progress with corrective actions
  • Board Paper 36-5-B Validation of Ghana
  • Board Paper 36-5-C Validation of Kyrgyz Republic
  • Board Paper 36-5-D Validation of Liberia
  • Board Paper 36-5-E Validation of Mauritania 
  • Board Paper 36-5-F Validation of São Tomé and Príncipe
  • Board Paper 36-5-G Validation of Solomon Islands
  • Board Paper 36-5-H Validation of Tajikistan
  • Board paper 36-6-A Candidature Assessment: Armenia
  • Board paper 36-7-A 2016 EITI Annual Accounts and Q1 2017 Forecast
  • Board paper 36-7-B 2016 Report from the Audit Committee
  • Board paper 36-7-C EITI International Management Expenditure Review 2016/2017
  • Board paper 36-8 Board self-assessment (closed session)