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Oil and gas companies

Woodside Energy

Woodside is an Australian oil and gas company with a global presence, recognised for its capabilities as an explorer, a developer, a producer and a supplier. The company is the pioneer of the Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) industry in Australia and the largest Australian natural gas producer. Woodside operated 6% of global LNG supply in 2019. The company is listed in Australian Securities Exchange.

Woodside recognises the interests of its stakeholders in transparency and commends tax transparency initiatives that increase public confidence in the contributions and compliance of corporate taxpayers. Companies' transparency around their financial payments to governments is critical for confidence and stability in our fiscal, political and regulatory regimes.

Statement of support

Engagement with the EITI

Woodside is committed to reporting its petroleum tax and fee payments in countries where it has an interest. The company is actively involved in the EITI implementation process where it operates. It is part of the multi-stakeholder group in Timor-Leste and in October 2018, Woodside provided sponsorship for the EITI Beneficial Ownership event in Senegal.

Woodside recognised the government of Myanmar’s achievement of EITI candidate status in July 2014. The company believes that compliance with EITI standards and principles will assist in the management of revenue received from Myanmar’s resources sector.

Strengthening transparency

As an Australian headquartered company, the company is proactively engaging with the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) under the Justified Trust framework. Woodside reports under the Australian Board of Taxation’s Voluntary Tax Transparency Code and other applicable transparency initiatives, including the EITI Standard. Additional information on Woodside’s transparency policies can be found here. To read more about Woodside's approach to tax, please visit Woodside’s website

Company assessment

Download the results of the 2023 assessment of company progress in meeting the Expectations for EITI supporting companies.

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