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EITI glossary

This glossary is compiled by the EITI International Secretariat and is only provided as a resource.

EI value chain

Extractive industries value chain: The steps from the extraction of natural resources, to their processing and sale, all the way through to the ultimate use of the revenues

EITI Association

The legal entity of the EITI, governed by the EITI Articles of Association.

EITI candidate

Also called a candidate country; a country that has fully, and to the satisfaction of the EITI Board, completed the four sign-up steps set out in the EITI Standard. EITI candidature is a temporary status which is intended to lead, in a timely fashion, to compliance with the EITI Requirements. When the EITI Board admits an EITI candidate, it establishes deadlines for publishing the first EITI Report and undertaking Validation. The first EITI Report must be published within 18 months and Validation must commence within two and a half years.

EITI Champion

The term EITI Champion is an informal title that usually refers to the person the government of an EITI implementing country appoints to lead the implementation of the EITI (see requirement 1.1.b.).

When used in this way, the EITI Champion should have the confidence of all stakeholders, the authority and freedom to coordinate action on the EITI across relevant ministries and agencies, and be able to mobilise resources for EITI implementation.

The champions should be listed on the country pages under the section “implementation – governance”. See Ghana, for example.

EITI compliant

A country is designated as EITI compliant when the EITI Board considers that it meets all of the EITI Requirements. Compliant countries must undergo Validation every three years or upon the request from the EITI Board. To be EITI compliant does not necessarily mean a country's extractive sector is fully transparent, but that there are satisfactory levels of disclosure and openness in the management of the natural resources, as well as a functioning process to oversee and improve disclosure. See also compliant country.