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Design and Manage a Datathon

Request for Proposals

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The Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI), with the support from USAID and in collaboration with Carbon Tracker and NRGI, is seeking a competent and credible firm or individual to design and manage a Datathon in the first quarter of 2022 to model the use of data and develop tools for using data to address challenges related to the energy transition. 

The overall purpose of the planned datathon is to encourage innovation in the use of EITI and extractives industry data to contribute to policy and public debate on energy transition pathways. Specifically, the planned event responds to the potential for EITI multi-stakeholder groups – who are familiar with both the data and broader context of the sector – to prompt governments to use extractives data in energy transition planning. It also responds to the potential for civil society, the media and other parties to use EITI and extractive sector data to ensure that national debate on transition pathways is grounded in evidence.

The consultant must be from a reputable company/one or more individual(s) with a proven reputation, perceived by the EITI International Secretariat to be credible, trustworthy, experienced and technically competent. Proposals should be submitted following the guidelines noted in the attached terms of reference. 

A consultant will be selected following a quality- and cost-based selection procedure.


Consultants should submit:

  • Technical Proposal, outlining: (a) the experience of the consultant/s, (b) the proposed methodology and work plan in response to the Terms of Reference (TORs) (c) at least 3 examples of similar previous projects and (d) the key experts’ qualifications and competence. The Technical Proposal should not include any financial information. Technical proposals containing material financial information shall be declared non-responsive.  
  • Financial Proposal, clearly indicating a lump sum financial proposal of all costs associated, with applicable taxes. The daily rate for the consultant fees should be clearly indicated. The Financial Proposal should be sent as a password protected PDF file. The passwords should not be sent. The passwords will be requested following the assessment of the technical proposals.  

Please note that the contracting party for this work will be the EITI, which is the lead grantee for the programme.  

Applications from organisations working in partnership with organisations in Non-OECD countries will be given priority.

Proposals must be delivered by email to by close of Monday 31 January 2022. 

A propos de l'ITIE

Nous considérons que les ressources naturelles d’un pays appartiennent à ses citoyens. Notre mission consiste à promouvoir la compréhension de la gestion des ressources naturelles, à renforcer la gouvernance et la redevabilité publiques et des entreprises, et à fournir les données nécessaires à l’élaboration des politiques et au dialogue multipartite dans le secteur extractif. En devenant membres de l’ITIE, les pays s’engagent à divulguer des informations sur l’ensemble de la chaîne de valeur de l’industrie extractive – des conditions d’octroi des droits d’extraction, à la manière dont les revenus parviennent au gouvernement et profitent à la population. Par le biais de la participation à l’ITIE, 56 pays ont adopté un ensemble de règles communes régissant ce qui doit être divulgué et quand – la Norme ITIE. Dans chacun des pays ayant adhéré à l’ITIE, un groupe multipartite composé de représentants du gouvernement, des entreprises et de la société civile apporte son soutien à la mise en œuvre de la Norme ITIE.