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Neptune Energy

Neptune Energy is an independent energy company with operations in Europe, North Africa and Asia Pacific. The company’s vision is to be the leading E&P company by meeting society’s changing energy needs and creating value for its stakeholders. Neptune Energy is uniquely positioned for the energy transition, with an ambition to store more carbon than is emitted from its operations and the use of its sold products by 2030. The company provides secure supplies of energy with a differentiated portfolio that is gas-weighted, long life, low cost and lower carbon.

Our values of excellence in health, safety and the environment, accountability, integrity and teamwork are a core component of our business and help guide our actions. Transparent disclosure is key to our approach, and we are committed to acting with honesty and integrity in respect of tax laws and regulations and to promoting accountability and good governance. We adhere to global standards that promote responsible business activities including the EITI, the UN Global Compact and the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Statement of support

Engagement with the EITI

Neptune Energy supports the objective of the EITI Association to make the EITI Principles and the EITI Standard the internationally accepted standard for transparency in the oil, gas and mining sectors. Neptune Energy submits data when required in all EITI implementing countries where the company operates.  

Read more about Neptune’s approach to tax here.

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