Supporting Company through membership of ICMM


Stakeholder Statement: 

From Areva's Statement of Support to the EITI:

The AREVA group has been a supporting company of the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative since 2003. It is demonstrating in this way its genuine commitment to greater economic and financial transparency in relation to populations and stakeholders.

One of the very first multinational companies to participate in the EITI, AREVA became a supporter on June 17, 2003, during the EITI Conference in London.

The Executive Board has placed responsibility for EITI strategy at AREVA in the hands of Olivier Loubière, the Group’s Business Ethics Advisor.

At the operational level, an EITI correspondent has been appointed in the Mining Business Group as well as in each of the mining subsidiaries located in a participating country.

The Financial Department of the Mining Business Group, working with the corporate Financial Department, supervises the reporting of payments made to implementing countries.

The annual internal ethics reporting procedure coordinated by the Business Ethics Advisor has been obligatory for senior-level management at AREVA since 2004 as well as for all the Group’s units. It includes a report of the payments made by the Group’s mining subsidiaries to all governments implementing the EITI.

Thus, EITI compliance reporting is not an artificial or optional process at AREVA, but an obligatory one, as these financial data are then communicated to the EITI.