III EITI Regional Conference in the Americas

Participants from Argentina, Brazil, Belize,  Colombia, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Peru, United States, and Trinidad and Tobago will gather in Lima, Peru to discuss how the EITI can be used as a transparency and accountability mechanism through the extractive industries value chain in their countries.

Participants from countries interested in joining the EITI will meet implementing countries to learn more about the EITI implementation and how to become a candidate country

The regional conference will include sessions on:

  • Efficient transparency: mainstreaming EITI in government systems
  • EITI Getting closer to people: Use of the EITI as a dialogue tool and examples of sub-national models of EITI implementation
  • Could EITI be used to shed light to environmental issues in the extractives industries?  

For more information, please contact Aida Aamot (aaamot@eiti.org) from the International Secretariat.