The Opening Up Ownership Conference on social media

General tips

  • Please use our hashtag, #OPENUP
  • In addition, it is good practice to mention @EITIorg in the tweet
  • Pictures and graphics are more compelling than plain text. If possible, add a picture
    Pictures in full size can be downloaded here 
    Our video on BO:
  • Quotes from speakers/attendees are great
  • You are of course welcome to link to our website or facebook-page, or to retweet our tweets
  • If relevant, tag people and organizations in your tweet to increase impact
  • Other relevant things to add could be: #BeneficialOwnership, #BO, #RoadTo2020, #PanamaPapers #OutrageToOutcomes and #Jakarta. Get creative!

Below are some suggestions for tweets and phrases you or your organisation can use as social media content. These are of course mere suggestions. To tweet one of them, simply click on the text, and the link will take you directly to your Twitter account, with the text already inserted as a tweet. Simply click "Tweet" and you are done!


Before the conference

Before the conference begins, we encourage participants, speakers, partner organisations and attendees, to post relevant content on the conference on social media. These can be linked to our more comprehensive content, such as blog items or news, or they can be used as is.


Workshop-specific tweets

These are suggestions for tweets to send out relating to each of the workshops.