Myanmar 2016-2017 EITI Report

Published Date: 
July, 2019
Myanmar EITI

The 4th EITI Report covers Myanmar's extractive sector in 2016 and 2017. It was first published in March 2019. An updated report was subsequently published in July 2019 (EITI Supplementary Report). 

More information can be found on MEITI's website

2016 Iraq EITI Report

Published Date: 
December, 2018

This report, together with its addendum, summarizes the results of Iraq's EITI reconciliation of payments and revenues for 2016 and provides information pertaining to the mining, oil and gas sectors in Iraq.

It does not include reconciliation of data related to the extractive industries in Kurdistan Region. This data was requested from the Kurdistan Regional Government but was not provided, although the 2016 EITI Report includes some information about the extractive industry in KRG based on publicly-available information.