Guidance on data accessibility (7.2)

The multi-stakeholder group is encouraged to make EITI Reports machine readable, and to code or tag EITI Reports and data files so that the information can be compared with other publicly available data by adopting Board-approved EITI data standards. 

The requirement has four aspects: 

a)    Produce brief summary reports

b)    Summarise and compare the share of each revenue stream 

c)    Consider automated online disclosure of extractive revenues and payments by governments and companies on a continuous basis.

d)    Undertake capacity-building efforts to increase awareness of the data from the reports, and encourage its use of by citizens, the media, and others.

Country examples for continuous disclosure

To make EITI reporting more relevant to decision-making, the EITI Standard encourages the MSG to automate online disclosure on a continuous basis (requirement 7.2.c). 

This is part of the "mainstreaming" effort.

Find links to examples for mainstreaming and open data portals below.