Guidance on data accessibility (7.2)

Implementing countries should ensure that EITI disclosures are made publicly accessible. The multi-stakeholder group should:

  • Agree a clear open data policy on the access, release and re-use of EITI data. Government agencies and companies are expected to publish EITI data under an open license, and to make users aware that information can be reused without prior consent.

  • Make the data available in an open data format online and publicise its availability. Open data format means that data can be made accessible in CSV or Excel format and could contain all tables, charts and figures from EITI Reports.

  • Complete summary data files for each fiscal year covered by the EITI in accordance with the template approved by the EITI Board.

  • The multi-stakeholder group is encouraged to make systematically disclosed data machine readable and inter-operable, and to code or tag EITI disclosures and other data files so that the information can be compared with other publicly available data.