Guidance on exploration (3.1), production (3.2) and exports (3.3)

The EITI requires disclosures of information related to exploration and production, enabling stakeholders to understand the activities in the sector.

In terms of production and exports, it is required that countries publish information both on volume and value by commodity, and where relevant by state or region. 

Countries are required to publish production and export volumes and values, disaggregated by commodity, highlighting by state and region, where relevant. 

Countries in which artisanal and small-scale mining (ASM) is a significant activity may wish to include an overview of the sector, as well as estimated production and export figures.

Guidance on industry overview and exploration 3.1, examples

Providing an overview of the country's extractive industries and exploration activities is crucial to gain an understanding of the sector. It can also include information such as a brief history of the sector, an overview of major companies active in the sector, an overview of the major projects, reserve estimates, an overview of informal activity and downstream infrastructure. 


Norway's portal on oil facts ( has a section on exploration activities under way:


The page also includes a list of exploration wells, linked to further information. 


2015 Report, chapter 3.2 (pp. 28) gives a comprehensive overview of the country's mineral resources and deposits of strategic importance. Some information on small-scale mining (p. 37). Chapter 3.3 (pp. 49) on significant exploration activities, both financed from state budget and from the private sector. Chapter also contains production figures and export figures in volumes and value. 


The 2014 Oil and Gas EITI Report refers to exploration activities in chapter 2.9 (p.33), and points to further resources. 


Interactive map: Overview of extractive industries activity on the level of municipal government:, including exploration activities. 

Guidance on production 3.2 and examples from countries

It is required that production data (as all other non-financial data) is sourced from official sources. 


The country's e-reporting portal disaggregates production by region (see map on, by year.

2015 Report contains sections on production in the mining sector (chapter 3.3.3, p. 52) and oil and gas (chapter 3.4.5, p. 56). It cites official sources.


The country reconciles the production figures coming from company, government agency (DPR) and NNPC, the national oil company. See pp. 71 of the 2014 Oil and Gas report.


Mali reconciles production figures provided by companies and the government in its 2014 EITI Report: chapter 5.3, pp. 56.


Mozambique's 2013-2014 EITI Report provides a comprehensive overview of production, consumption and export data (pp. 99).

Guidance on exports 3.3 including examples

Export figures need to be cited from an official source. Some countries also reconcile these figures, although this is not required by the Standard.


The website of the Treasury cites export figures with a couple of months delay in PDF (view section "Rapport du Pétrole").


Quadrupal reconciliation of export figures: DPR, NNPC, companies, storage depot operators (looking at balance of storage depot), see chapter 4.3 (pp. 71) of the 2014 Oil and Gas Report.