Guidance on public debate (7.1)

Regular disclosure of extractive industry data is of little practical use without public awareness, understanding of what the figures mean, and public debate about how resource revenues can be used effectively.  

The EITI Requirements related to outcomes and impact seek to ensure that stakeholders are engaged in dialogue about natural resource revenue management. EITI Reports lead to the fulfilment of the EITI Principles by contributing to wider public debate. 

The multi-stakeholder group must ensure that the EITI Report is comprehensible, actively promoted, publicly accessible and contributes to public debate. Key audiences should include government, parliamentarians, civil society, companies and the media. 

Writing clearly and using infographics

The Standard requires that the EITI Report is comprehensible. Using clear language geared towards the audience of choice is crucial. It can be useful to develop a style guide to guide the writing of the report and on the website. Some resources below.

There are several countries using infographics as a way to animate public debate and visualise EITI data.