EITI Impact Competition

Open Data, Build Trust

The EITI International Secretariat 2019 EITI Impact Competition “Open Data, Build Trust” is now open.

The competition encourages EITI stakeholders to demonstrate how the EITI is having an impact in their country, with a focus on how stakeholders are using the EITI process and data to promote public debate and build trust.

The deadline for submissions has been extended to 5 May 2019, 23:00 CEST. 


Contestants must submit a short narrative (maximum 150 words), answering the following question:

“How is natural resource data being used to build trust among different stakeholders, actors or communities in your country?”

The narrative may be submitted in English, French, Spanish or Russian.


One winner will be selected and announced in early May 2019.

The winner will be invited and sponsored to attend the EITI Global Conference to be held in Paris on 18-19 June, including travel and accommodation costs. This prize will be awarded to one person only.

Both the winning and shortlisted submissions may be featured or quoted on the EITI website, EITI social media channels and in the 2019 EITI Progress Report, to be launched at the EITI Global Conference.

How to participate

Contestants may enter the competition with a maximum of one (1) submission. The submission may not exceed 150 words. 

Please send submissions to competition@eiti.org by 5 May 2019, 23:00 CEST with the subject line “EITI Impact Competition”.

Your email must include:

  1. Impact narrative. Please send your EITI impact narrative as an attachment (e.g. Word file).

  2. Contestant details. The name, country, contact details and a short biography (1 – 3 sentences) about the contestant. This information will be used to credit or quote the content if used in EITI material.

  3. Attribution statement. Please include the following statement: “I confirm that the content submitted to the EITI International Secretariat is my own work and is not copied from any other person’s work (published or unpublished). I agree to the content being used by the EITI International Secretariat and credited to my name.”  

Submissions failing to include the requirements above will not be considered.


  • Write your impact narrative for an audience that is not very familiar with the EITI.

  • Use clear and concise language; technical language is discouraged.

  • Please refrain from using hyperlinks, footnotes or references. Your narrative should speak for itself.


The EITI International Secretariat will judge all submissions and announce the winner in early May 2019 via the EITI website and social media channels.


By submitting content to the competition, the contestant accepts the full terms and conditions of the competition. The contestant declares that the work submitted is his/her own and not copied from any other person’s work (published or unpublished). He/she agrees to the content being used as described. He/she grants the EITI International Secretariat permission to use the content, including derivatives thereof, for non-commercial purposes on its social media channels, EITI website and/or print publications. The content will by credited with the details submitted be the contestant.


For questions, please contact the EITI International Secretariat at competition@eiti.org.

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