EITI Infographic Competition

Open Data, Build Trust

The EITI International Secretariat 2019 Infographic Competition “Open Data, Build Trust” is now open.

The competition encourages EITI stakeholders to use the medium of infographics to demonstrate the impact of natural resource transparency in their country.

The deadline for submissions has been extended to 5 May 2019, 23:00 CEST. 


Infographic submissions should demonstrate the theme “Open Data, Build Trust” by showing how natural resource data is being used at the national and/or subnational level to build trust among different stakeholders, actors and communities.

The infographic should go beyond outlining the EITI process - it should showcase how extractives data is evolving to be more accessible, usable and timely so as to promote inclusive development and benefit the citizens and communities. It should also demonstrate how multi-stakeholderism contributes to this goal.

Infographics may be submitted in English, French, Spanish or Russian.


One winner will be selected and announced in early May 2019.

The winner will be invited and sponsored to attend the EITI Global Conference to be held in Paris on 18-19 June, including travel and accommodation costs. This prize will be awarded to one person only.

Both the winning and shortlisted infographics may be featured on the EITI website and EITI social media channels. The winning infographic may also be featured at the EITI Global Conference.

How to participate

Each contestant may submit one (1) infographic.

Please send infographic submissions to competition@eiti.org by 5 May 2019, 23:00 CEST with the subject line "Infographic Competition".

Your email must include:

  1. Infographic. Please send your infographic as a PDF, PNG or JPEG file in the highest possible resolution, either via attachment or via a link to your preferred file storage service (e.g. Google drive, Dropbox etc.). Please ensure that the infographic can be downloaded.

  2. Attribution details. The name, country, contact details and a short biography (1 – 3 sentences) about the contestant. This information will be used to credit the infographic if featured on the EITI website or EITI materials. If possible, please also include the attribution details at the bottom of the infographic file. If submitting on behalf of an EITI implementing country, we encourage you to include your EITI logo on the bottom of the infographic.

  3. Attribution statement. Please include the following statement: “I hold the copyright for or have the right to use this infographic and agree to the infographic being used under Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0).”  

Submissions failing to include the requirements above will not be considered.


The EITI International Secretariat will judge all infographic submissions and announce the winner in early May 2019 via the EITI website and social media channels.


By submitting an infographic to the competition, the contestant accepts the full terms and conditions of the competition. The contestant declares that he/she holds the copyright for or has the right to use this infographic and agrees to the infographic being used as described. He/she grants the EITI International Secretariat permission to non-commercial use of the infographic, including derivatives, on its social media channels, EITI website and/or print publications. The infographic will be credited with the details submitted by the contestant. The contestant releases the infographic under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) license, unless otherwise clearly stated.


For questions, please contact the EITI International Secretariat at competition@eiti.org.

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The infographic featured on this webpage is created by Mohamad Tri Wicaksono and Arsy Aulia (Indonesia), winners of the 2013 EITI Infographic Competition.