17 April 2015
With the EITI Board’s decision in Brazzaville, the transition from the 2011 Rules to the 2013 Standard is complete.
15 April 2015
First country to be validated against the 2013 EITI Standard.
15 April 2015
Challenging times for Africa’s biggest oil producer as revenues fall.
13 April 2015
The Ministry of Finance and Economic Development of Sierra Leone is inviting Expressions of Interest.
1 April 2015
High activity around Board meeting in Kinshasa and Brazzaville in mid-April.
4 March 2015
Civil society coalition to form Board of Trustees.
25 February 2015
Three photos awarded out of 125 photos submitted.
20 February 2015
EITI International Secretariat response to the latest MSI Integrity report on MSG Governance.
11 February 2015
New extractive activities beneficial to economy, yet illegal export remains a problem.
11 February 2015
High dependency on mineral exports means the country is hurt by lower commodity prices.
9 February 2015
Clare Short: This is transparency for the citizens of Trinidad and Tobago.
6 February 2015
Details on sector could catalyse fresh investment for exploration and production in upcoming bidding round.
5 February 2015
Côte d’Ivoire’s 2012 EITI Report outlines some key revenues and production figures.
3 February 2015
Minister Manirakiza: “EITI is in line with our policy to promote transparency and accountability.”
2 February 2015
Oil still the main contributor to the state budget.
2 February 2015
Mining activities increase but more information needed on recent barter deal.
30 January 2015
EITI Report recommends more disclosure of contracts.
30 January 2015
Government gets more revenue from mining activities despite challenges.
30 January 2015
With plummeting commodity prices, forecasting becomes crucial for informed decisions.
26 January 2015
Oil revenues rise, income from gold declines.


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