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10 May 2016
Fifty-one EITI countries have committed to ground breaking beneficial ownership reporting.
9 May 2016
First time report contains information on who SOCAR's trading partners are.
7 May 2016
Beneficial ownership and review of contracts as key areas for the EITI in Afghanistan
22 April 2016
First EITI report published in the country where it all began
18 April 2016
Burkina Faso may be losing out on millions of dollars from gold.
6 April 2016
Seychelles publishes its first EITI Report covering the extractive sector.
1 April 2016
EITI Report calls for reform of the mining cadaster system.
29 March 2016
Ethiopia’s first EITI Report makes data on the country’s extractive sector available for the first time.
22 March 2016
Although the extractive sector remains small, government revenues are on the increase.
14 March 2016
Many of the 30 speakers at the EITI Stakeholder Forum in Lima made new commitments to bolster transparency.
10 March 2016
Papua New Guinea’s first EITI Report highlights the key challenges in management of the sector.
9 March 2016
Afghanistan’s latest EITI report puts the spotlight on improving government systems.
24 February 2016
Fredrik Reinfeldt, new EITI chair, thanks the EITI community for the confidence placed in him.
24 February 2016
The DRC, Ghana, Mongolia and the Philippines receive awards.
23 February 2016
On the eve of the EITI Global Conference in Lima, the EITI welcomed its 50th and 51st implementing countries.