26 November 2015
The 2013 EITI report contains a number of recommendations for improving governance.
25 November 2015
A message from EITI Chair Clare Short.
30 October 2015
Tajikistan publishes its first ever EITI Report.
26 October 2015
How the mining sector can become a “pillar of Senegal’s development”.
22 October 2015
The EITI Board approved Malawi’s application at its meeting in Berne, Switzerland.
20 October 2015
Stakeholders from the commodity trade, government and civil society met today.
20 October 2015
EITI stakeholders meet in Berne.
13 October 2015
More openness and improved systems will maximise the returns from Togolese exports.
12 October 2015
The 2014 EITI Report recommends reviewing the legal and fiscal framework in light of the lack of production.
8 October 2015
The purpose of the meeting was to discuss Azerbaijan’s EITI implementation.
6 October 2015
First country to publish 2014 figures.
2 October 2015
Improved EITI Report reflects the significant challenges of the sector.
15 September 2015
Publish What You Pay seeks Executive Director to lead the global coalition.
15 September 2015
Azerbaijan’s 2013 EITI Report shows individual company payments for the first time.
3 September 2015
New law to anchor transparency in extractives sector.
2 September 2015
This unprecedented level of disclosure could help reduce the risk of corruption
31 August 2015
EITI reports host a wealth of information for credit rating agencies.
20 August 2015
Honduras publishes its first EITI Report.