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Afghanistan has decided to join the EITI

The Government of Afghanistan has decided to implement the EITI. The Minister of Finance of Afghanistan, Dr Omar Zakhilwal announced their decision in a letter sent to Dr Eigen. In the letter he writes: I am pleased to announce that the Cabinet has deliberated on and taken the decision for Afghanistan to join the EITI. We will take the necessary actions to begin its national implementation right away, working in collaboration with companies in the extractive industries sector as well as representatives of civil society in Afghanistan.

The EITI Secretariat now looks forward to receiving the formal application. It stands ready together with its partners, particularly the World Bank, to assist the preparations including the preparing of a work plan, outlining how the EITI process will be implemented. When the application has been sent, the EITI Board will consider whether Afghanistan has met the four Sign-up indicators.

Further, the letter from Dr Zakhilwal states:

The Government has also appointed me, Minister of Finance, as a national focal point for the EITI implementation. I and a subsequently appointed coordinator will be tasked with leading the EITI implementation effort and I would be pleased to discuss the next steps with you, including confirming the support you can provide.

We are committed to ensuring that natural resources revenues are properly accounted for and contribute to economic growth and national development. We look forward to your continuing support as the EITI moves forward, in the context of the overall development partnership between Afghanistan and your institutions.


For more information about EITI implementation in Afghanistan, contact Regional Director Sam Bartlett at the EITI International Secretariat.