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Albania publishes its first EITI Report

Albania has published its first EITI report on government revenues and company payments made in 2009 from the country’s oil, gas, and mining sector. Total government revenues reported amount to US$ 33 million in 2009. In addition to the National Oil Company, Albpetrol, all the other eight companies operating in Albania’s expanding oil and gas sector reported. Of these companies only two were in the production phase, the remaining six were still in the exploration phase during the period covered in the report. The report shows that 93% of government revenues reported came from the oil and gas sector.

Despite the large number of companies operating in the mining sector, government revenues from this sector are relatively small, US$ 2 million in 2009. Out of the 31 mining companies with a relatively significant production, only six small and medium-sized companies did not provide data in time to be included in the report. The report covers three minerals: chromite (13 companies), copper (13 companies) and nickel (five companies).

Albania's EITI report was produced by Fair Links and is available on the website of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Energy:

Albania was accepted as an EITI Candidate country in May 2009. The country is currently undertaking an EITI Validation. The photo above is of Mr Petraq Milo, Economic Advisor to the Prime Minister of Albania, and other members of the Albanian delegation to the EITI Global Conference in Paris 2-3 March this year.

For more information on EITI implementation in Albania, please visit the Albania page on the EITI website or please contact EITI Regional Director Tim Bittiger.