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Announcing the winners of the EITI Photo Competition

Five photos awarded out of 121 submitted.

See a slideshow with the five photos that won the competition at Flickr

Last month, the EITI Secretariat held the first EITI Photo Competition. Capturing a photo that illustrates how EITI and transparent management of natural resources look like was no easy task. A total of 121 photos were submitted by individuals and national EITI secretariats that stepped up to the challenge.

The EITI International Secretariat was impressed by the high quality of many of the submissions. In addition to selecting winners for each of four competition categories, the panel selected also a fifth winner.


Here are the five winners:

Elisabeth Caesens

Abandoned mining plant in Katanga, DR Congo

Caption: A skeleton is all that is left of the DRC's state-owned mining company's plant in Lubumbashi, Katanga Province. Mismanaged for decades, the company now attempts a revival. The new EITI standard will help shed light on the allocation of the parastatal's revenues.

Category: Extracting resources. Photos of oil, gas or mining operations - industrial or small-scale.

Markella-Eleonora Mantika

Gold for cash in Côte d'Ivoire

Caption: The 'financial manager' determines the pay of those artisanal miners who hit gold, in West African Francs.

Category: Transparency that matters. Photos that illustrate EITI’s aim of improving transparency of natural resources.

Liberia EITI

Liberians discussing missing tax disclosures

Caption: Liberians assembling at the Bushrod Island, the main commercial district in Monrovia, discussing the list of companies sanctioned for failure to disclose their tax payment records for the 2010/11 EITI Report for Liberia. This public sanctioning exercise was the first of its kind in the LEITI history.

Category: EITI in action. Photos from an EITI event, roadshow, of an interaction between stakeholders, or close-up of an EITI profile.


Meeting at mining community in Togo

Caption: Kokou Didier Agbemadon, EITI-Togo National Coordinator and member of the global EITI Board, discussing findings from Togo's latest EITI Report with the local community in Pagala village, close to the country's largest open cast marble mining site.

Category: Public debate. Photos of natural resources management being discussed by citizens - in a public meeting or similar.

William Vest-Lillesøe

Mining for gold in Sierra Leone

Caption: Karefa Jalloh is 13 years old and spends his weekends working in the gold mines with men, women and children from his village in northern Sierra Leone. Without the money he makes he would not be able to pay his school fees.

Honerable mentions

Five photos received honerable mentions, and we would like to extend our appreciation for each one of them:

  1. From EITI Togo. See the photo
  2. From Ghana EITI. See the photo
  3. From Niger EITI. See the photo
  4. From DRC EITI. See the photo
  5. From Albania EITI. See the photo

As will all other EITI photos, these photos are made available under a CC BY-SA licence, meaning that you are welcome to use these photos as long as you give appropriate credit.


Should you have any questions about these photos or about the competition, please contact Anders Tunold Kråkenes.