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Burkina Faso publishes mining revenues in first EITI report

Burkina Faso has produced its first EITI report which discloses mining revenues in 2008 and 2009. The report represents a significant effort from stakeholders in the country and exceeds the minimum EITI criteria in several ways. Financial data is disaggregated by company and payment type, providing a nuanced account of revenue inflow. Important recommendations on data collection and reporting by companies and government entities are also offered.

The report shows a significant increase in mining revenues received by the government of Burkina Faso which amounted to over 10 billion CFA in 2009 (approximately 20 million USD), compared to 1,6 billion CFA in 2008. Tax on industrial and commercial profits, customs duties and surface taxes account for a large proportion of government revenue. The report also reveals unexplained discrepancies between the payments declared by the companies and the income declared by the government.

Members of EITI Burkina Faso multi-stakeholder group, the body which oversees national implementation of the EITI, consider that transparent governance of the mining sector is a key priority for the government. Therefore, it is in everyone’s interest to understand how much wealth is generated by the extraction of gold, and its growing contribution to Burkina Faso’s economy.

Burkina Faso received EITI Candidate status on 15 May 2009.  It is the 28th country to produce an EITI report, bringing the total number of published EITI reports to 64. 

In addition to French, Burkina Faso’s report will be produced in local languages, including Moré, Fulfuldé and Dioula, and distributed through the media, national NGOs, and community leaders. The report can be downloaded from Burkina Faso EITI's website at

For further information about EITI implementation in Burkina Faso, visit the Burkina Faso country page at the EITI website, or contact Regional Director Marie-Ange Kalenga at the EITI International Secretariat.