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Cameroon, Gabon, Kyrgyzstan and Nigeria designated as EITI Candidate countries that are “close to compliance”

In recognition of their progress in implementing the EITI, the EITI Board has decided that Cameroon, Gabon, Kyrgyzstan and Nigeria are Candidate countries that are “close to compliance”. This was announced following the meeting of the EITI Board in Dar-es-Salaam 19-20 October.

These countries have completed EITI Validation, and the Board congratulated the government, companies and civil society organisations for the progress made in implementing the EITI.

For each country, the Board scrutinised their final validation reports, and additional information provided by the EITI International Secretariat. In each case, the Board agreed that the final validation reports did not conclusively demonstrate that all of the validation indicators have been met. For each country, the Board set out the actions required in order to achieve compliance.

Cameroon, Gabon, Kyrgyzstan and Nigeria were granted six months (until 18 April 2011) to request a review by the EITI Secretariat. The Board agreed that if the Secretariat Review was requested by 15 January 2011, the Board would ensure that the review would be considered in advance of the EITI Conference in Paris on 2-3 March 2011. The Board retained the right to require a new Validation if the remedial actions are not completed within six months.

For further information about EITI implementation in these countries, contact the relevant Regional Director at the EITI International Secretariat.