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The EITI Board meets to decide on status of first wave of EITI countries

The International EITI Board is holding its 12th meeting in Berlin on 15-16 April. At the meeting, the Board will take stock of progress in the 32 countries that are currently implementing the EITI standard. The first 22 countries to become EITI Candidate countries have recently passed their original deadlines for completing EITI Validation. Liberia and Azerbaijan have already completed EITI Validation and have become EITI Compliant, and Mongolia has met the deadline for submitting a Validation report. 17 more have applied for extensions of their deadlines. Sao Tome and Principe has applied to voluntarily suspend its EITI Candidate status, and Guinea has already voluntarily suspended its candidature.

The EITI Board will review the applications and decide whether they should be accepted, in accordance to the rules in the EITI methodology. Following the final day of the Board meeting on 16 April, the Board will announce its decisions regarding the status of these countries.